Revisit: Macromarketing 2020


News from the Education Track, Bogot?, 7-10 Jul 2020; Deadline 31 Jan

45th Annual Macromarketing Conference
Bogotá, Colombia, 7-10 July, 2020
Submissions due: 31 January, 2020
TRACK: Macromarketing Mindset: Education in the Classroom and Beyond

Emily Moscato, St. Joseph’s University,
Joya Kemper University of Auckland,

Collective wellbeing challenges, such as climate change and food insecurity, are not simple. They are messy; some even call them wicked problems. Such issues necessitate us to face uncomfortable truths: invoking controversy, tensions, and a fearful future for humanity and our planet. Within the classroom, focus on these challenges require us develop a macromarketing mindsetin students. We define the macromarketing mindsetas critical thinking using an aggregate marketing system perspective (Wilkie and Moore 2006, thus infusing the societal domain into marketing education) to comprehend, examine, and act on challenges and opportunities in the market system. It is not surprising that traditional marketing education discounts these complex and polemic challenges. Instead, the educational focus continues to favour of a business-as-usual, profits-only orientation, promoted by institutional objectives,textbooks, and the 4Ps pedagogy. Yet, the recent environmental-social turn in mainstream marketing academia (case in point Journal of Marketingand Journal of Consumer Researchspecial issues) and the most recent reports by the International Panel on Climate Change in 2018 and 2019 highlight the urgent need to take action. We are called to confront our fears as educators: work to integrate collective wellbeing challenges into the curriculum and more broadly educate students, faculty, administrators, andcommunity members in developing a macromarketing mindset. To accomplish this goal, macromarketers must hack the systemto embed larger perspective critical thinking and collective wellbeing issues (i.e. sustainability, climate change, poverty, healthcare,and inequality) into marketing education. We call for conference papers which examine how the macromarketing mindsetis taught and integrated into Business School curriculum, community projects, and other educational programs around the world. This conference call for papers is aligned with our special issue in the Journal of Marketing Education, “Hacking the System: Sustainability and Macromarketing in Marketing Education”. We seek to bring together voices and research on how sustainability, climate change, and macromarketing are realized, taught, and infused into the marketing curriculum and positioned among our students, faculty, administrators, and the community. We welcome conceptual, empirical and case study research, and macromarketing educational papers which may not specifically fall under sustainability education (i.e., macromarketing in general).