Leisure Studies Association 2020


Manchester, UK, 7-9 Jul 2020; Deadline 17 Jan

The 2020 Leisure Studies Association annual conference will take place in Manchester, UK from 7-9 July 2020.

The call for papers and panels is now open. Full details can be found at:


Deadline for abstracts: 17th January 2020
Please email abstracts to LSA2020@mmu.ac.uk

The core conference theme is leisure pasts, presents and futures. Presenters and delegates are thus invited to consider:

  • How has leisure been constructed, understood and enacted over time?
  • What role does leisure play in addressing societal challenges today?
  • How can the past inform the present in terms of leisure practice, policy and research?
  • What are the future trends in policy, practice and research?
  • Where and when do we make space for leisure in 2020?

The broad sub-themes for 2020 are:

  • Looking back, looking forward
  • Addressing societal challenges
  • Making space for leisure
  • Leisure and the revitalisation of the high street: Special theme in partnership with the Institute of Place Management (IPM)
  • Music and Sound in Leisure Spaces: Special theme in partnership with Music and Sonic Studies Manchester (MASSmcr)
  • Open stream