THEEM 2020


Thurgau Experimental Economics Meeting, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, 7-9 Apr 2020; Deadline 22 Jan

11th Thurgau Experimental Economics Meeting (theem)

Information and Behaviour

7th-9th April, 2020, in Kreuzlingen (CH)

Keynote speakers: Marina Agranov & Andrew Caplin

Information is crucial for every decision, but how people deal with information is often far from perfect. We would like to discuss questions related to the role of information for behaviour, in particular questions related to (i) the acquisition of information (e.g. information cost, attention, information neglect), (ii) the use of information (e.g. beliefs updating, motivated reasoning), and (iii) the transmission of information (e.g. signalling, strategic communication, impression management). These topics are central not only for economics but for all behavioural and social sciences. For this reason, this conference brings together researchers from different fields studying the role of information for behaviour – and how behaviour conveys information. We welcome contributions on these questions from economics as well as from other disciplines, such as psychology, political science, sociology, or management.

If you would like to present your research, please submit an extended abstract (max. 2000 characters, or about 300 words) in .txt format to The conference fee is EUR 200 (including coffee breaks and the conference dinner).

Please forward this call for papers to other researchers who might have an interest in the topic. You find more information on For any further question please contact us via

Urs Fischbacher
Sebastian Fehrler
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