TOC: Man Sci


Management Science, 65(12)

Does Machine Translation Affect International Trade? Evidence from a Large Digital Platform
Erik Brynjolfsson, Xiang Hui, and Meng Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Patent Trolls: Evidence from Targeted Firms
Lauren Cohen, Umit G. Gurun, and Scott Duke Kominers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Peer Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility
Jie Cao, Hao Liang, and Xintong Zhan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supply Disruptions and Optimal Network Structures
Kostas Bimpikis, Ozan Candogan, and Shayan Ehsani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Portfolio Manager Ownership and Mutual Fund Risk Taking
Linlin Ma and Yuehua Tang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the Efficacy of Static Prices for Revenue Management in the Face of Strategic Customers
Yiwei Chen, Vivek F. Farias, and Nikolaos Trichakis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Invest in Information or Wing It? A Model of Dynamic Pricing with Seller Learning
Guofang Huang, Hong Luo, and Jing Xia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Matter of Principle: Accounting Reports Convey Both Cash-Flow News and Discount-Rate News
Stephen H. Penman and Nir Yehuda [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Self-Confidence and Unraveling in Matching Markets
Marie-Pierre Dargnies, Rustamdjan Hakimov, and Dorothea Kübler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supply Chain Contracts That Prevent Information Leakage
Yiwei Chen and Özalp Özer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Oversight and Efficiency in Public Projects: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis
Eduard Calvo, Ruomeng Cui, and Juan Camilo Serpa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does Change in the Information Environment Affect Financing Choices?
Xu Li, Chen Lin, and Xintong Zhan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Informed Options Trading Prior to Takeover Announcements: Insider Trading?
Patrick Augustin, Menachem Brenner, and Marti G. Subrahmanyam [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Information Advantage of Underwriters in IPOs
Yao-Min Chiang, Michelle Lowry, and Yiming Qian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Welfare Implications of Inventory-Driven Dynamic Pricing
Ioannis Stamatopoulos, Naveed Chehrazi, and Achal Bassamboo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regulations and Brain Drain: Evidence from Wall Street Star Analysts’ Career Choices
Yuyan Guan, Congcong Li, Hai Lu, and M. H. Franco Wong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Concise Bid Optimization Strategies with Multiple Budget Constraints
Arash Asadpour, MohammadHossein Bateni, Kshipra Bhawalkar, and Vahab Mirrokni [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Communicating with Warmth in Distributive Negotiations Is Surprisingly Counterproductive
Martha Jeong, Julia Minson, Michael Yeomans, and Francesca Gino [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

To Build or to Buy? The Role of Local Information in Credit Market Development
Teng Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multitasking and Subjective Performance Evaluations: Theory and Evidence from a Field Experiment in a Bank
Kathrin Manthei and Dirk Sliwka [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Coordination Is Hard: Electronic Auction Mechanisms for Increased Efficiency in Transportation Logistics
Paul Karaenke, Martin Bichler, and Stefan Minner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Riding the Blockchain Mania: Public Firms’ Speculative 8-K Disclosures
Stephanie F. Cheng, Gus De Franco, Haibo Jiang, and Pengkai Lin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

State-Run Banks, Money Growth, and the Real Economy
Randall Morck, M. Deniz Yavuz, and Bernard Yeung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bank Interest Rate Risk Management
Guillaume Vuillemey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]