TOC: J Behavioral Dec Making


Journal of Behaviorial Decision Making, 33(1)

The impact of variability and prechoice experience on taking safety measures: The case of security updates
Efrat Aharonov-Majar, Prashanth Rajivan, Cleotilde Gonzalez, Ido Erev

Financial product sensitivity predicts financial health
Adam Eric Greenberg, Abigail B. Sussman, Hal E. Hershfield

An overcorrection framing effect
John J. Seta, Catherine E. Seta, Michael McCormick

How a maximizing orientation affects trade-offs between desirability and feasibility: The role of outcome- versus process-focused decision making
Meng-Hua Hsieh, Richard F. Yalch

Inaction inertia in retirement saving
Job M.T. Krijnen, Marcel Zeelenberg, Seger M. Breugelmans, Marijke van Putten

How much risk can you stomach? Individual differences in the tolerance of perceived risk across gender and risk domain
Jonathan J. Rolison, Jeordie Shenton

Asymmetry of the group context effect on delay discounting
Richard Yi, Juhan Lee, Jama Bettis

Cooperation and coordination across cultures and contexts: Individual, sociocultural, and contextual factors jointly influence decision making in the volunteer’s dilemma game
Christopher Y. Olivola, Yeonjeong Kim, Avraham Merzel, Yaakov Kareev, Judith Avrahami, Ilana Ritov