TOC: Pub Opinion Quart


Public Opinion Quarterly, 27(4)

Liem Viet Ngo

Slow fashion – Balancing the conscious retail model within the fashion marketplace
Lisa S. McNeill, Jasmine Snowdon

Consumers’ perceptions on complexity and prospects of ethical luxury: Qualitative insights from Taiwan
Stelios Karatzas, Alexandros Kapoulas, Constantinos Vasilios Priporas

Belief in fate and self-efficacy in road safety advertising based on guilt: An explanation based on negotiable fate
Imene Becheur, Haithem Guizani, Khaled Shaaban

Interest, but not liking, drives consumer preference toward novelty
Billy Sung, Eric Vanman, Nicole Hartley

Brand attribute associations, emotional consumer-brand relationship and evaluation of brand extensions
Naser Pourazad, Lara Stocchi, Vipul Pare

Discovering emerging research topics for brand personality: A bibliometric analysis
Juan Sebastián Lara-Rodríguez, Camilo Rojas-Contreras, Edison Jair Duque Oliva

Revisiting the relevance debate empirically: Historical roots and modern shoots
Shivan Sanjay Patel, Shivendra Kumar Pandey, Dheeraj Sharma