TOC: J Personal Selling Sales Man


Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 39(4)

Fostering International Collaboration in Sales Research


Perspectives on international collaboration in sales research
Andrea L. Dixon, Joel LeBon & Jan Wieseke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A qualitative study of leader behaviors perceived to enable salesperson performance
Karen M. Peesker, Lynette J. Ryals, Gregory A. Rich & Susan E. Boehnke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding cross-cultural sales manager–salesperson relationships in the Asia-Pacific Rim region: a grounded theory approach
Dawn R. Deeter-Schmelz, Timothy P. Lauer & John M. Rudd [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

It is all in good humor? Examining the impact of salesperson evaluations of leader humor on salesperson job satisfaction and job stress
Paolo Guenzi, Deva Rangarajan, Nawar N. Chaker & Laszlo Sajtos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do salespeople matter in competitive tenders?
Maximilian Dax, Eva Katharina Tyssen, Christian Schmitz & Shankar Ganesan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Special Section: The Boundary

A within-person theoretical perspective in sales research: outlining recommendations for adoption and consideration of boundary conditions
Dayle R. N. Childs, Nick Lee, Belinda Dewsnap & John W. Cadogan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Personal Selling and Sales Management Abstracts
Dawn R. Deeter-Schmelz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]