TOC: Ind Mar Man


Industrial Marketing Management, 83

Special Section on : Capability-driven industrial firms: Considering resources, capabilities and competencies for marketing developments. Guest Edited by: Robert Morgan, Dennis Herhausen, Dario Miocevic

Capability-driven industrial firms: Considering resources, capabilities, and competencies for marketing developments
Robert E. Morgan, Dario Miocevic, Dennis Herhausen

Business capabilities for industrial firms: A bibliometric analysis of research diffusion and impact within and beyond Industrial Marketing Management
Yiannis Kouropalatis, Alessandro Giudici, Oguz A. Acar

The interplay and growth implications of dynamic capabilities and market orientation
Ralf Wilden, Siegfried Gudergan, Ian Lings

The relationship between marketing agility and financial performance under different levels of market turbulence
Jing Zhou, Felix T. Mavondo, Stephen Graham Saunders

Complementarity versus substitutability of dynamic and operational capabilities in B2B firms: A configurational approach
Gábor Nagy, Matti Jaakkola, Nikolina Koporcic

Quadratic effects of dynamic decision-making capability on innovation orientation and performance: Evidence from Chinese exporters
Paul Hughes, Anne L. Souchon, Ekaterina Nemkova, Ian R. Hodgkinson, … Joseph Sy-Changco

Supporting product innovativeness and customer value at the bottom of the pyramid through context-specific capabilities and social ties
Hailu Getnet, Aron O’Cass, Hormoz Ahmadi, Vida Siahtiri

Building absorptive capacity through firm openness in the context of a less-open country
Omid Aliasghar, Elizabeth L. Rose, Sylvie Chetty

Transaction costs and capability factors in dual or indirect distribution channel selection: An empirical analysis of Japanese manufacturers
Hidesuke Takata

The effects of purchasing proactivity on value creation and supply risk reduction in sourcing projects: Implications for marketers’ capabilities
Eline Van Poucke, Paul Matthyssens, Arjan van Weele, Wouter Van Bockhaven

A process model of the maturation of a new dynamic capability
Yen Tran, Shaker Zahra, Mathew Hughes

Special Section on: Psychological Micro-Foundations of Business-to-Business Decision Making Guest editors: Aybars Tuncdogan, Adam Lindgreen, Frans van den Bosch and Henk Volberda

Guest editorial: Psychological micro-foundations of business-to-business decision making
Aybars Tuncdogan, Adam Lindgreen, Frans van den Bosch, Henk Volberda

Toward an agent-system contingency theory for behavioral supply chain and industrial marketing research
Chanchai Tangpong, Kuo-Ting Hung, Jin Li

Channel members’ relationships with the brands they sell and the organizations that own them
Benjamin Lawrence, Patrick J. Kaufmann

The role of regulatory focus and trustworthiness in knowledge transfer and leakage in alliances
Xinlu Qiu, Sven A. Haugland

The role of personality and motivation on key account manager job performance
Tommi Mahlamäki, Timo Rintamäki, Edwin Rajah

Regular Articles

What does it take to make the most of supplier relationships?
Lars-Erik Gadde, Ivan Snehota

Shifts in buyer-seller relationships: A retrospective on Handfield and Bechtel (2002)
Robert Handfield

Servitization: A contemporary thematic review of four major research streams
Chris Raddats, Christian Kowalkowski, Ornella Benedettini, Jamie Burton, Heiko Gebauer

The role of B2B marketers in increasing cyber security awareness and influencing behavioural change
Peter R.J. Trim, Yang-Im Lee

Solving the innovation problem in state-owned firms: The role of entrepreneurial orientation and high-commitment HR practices
Yu Chang, Xinchun Wang, Annie Peng Cui

A platform approach in solution business: How platform openness can be used to control solution networks
Ruiqi Wei, Susi Geiger, Róisín Vize

The contingent effect of product relatedness on B2B firms pricing strategy. Evidence from India
Georgios Batsakis, Vasilis Theoharakis, Goudarz Azar, Satwinder Singh, Rahul Singh

Reinventing a business model in industrial networks: Implications for customers’ brand perceptions
Patrick Spieth, Tobias Roeth, Svenja Meissner

From transactions to journeys and beyond: The evolution of B2B buying process modeling
Michelle D. Steward, James A. Narus, Michelle L. Roehm, Wendy Ritz

The effects of distributor relationship commitment and relationship exploration on opportunism: The moderating roles of exchange uncertainties and network factors
Sin Yan Tse, Danny T. Wang, Tracy J. Zhang