TOC: Strat Man J


Strategic Management Journal, 40(12)

Is your playing field unleveled? U.S. defense contracts and foreign firm lobbying
Jin Hyung Kim

The case for humble expectations: CEO humility and market performance
Oleg V. Petrenko, Federico Aime, Tessa Recendes, Jeffrey A. Chandler

On the tip of the brain: Understanding when negative reputational events can have positive reputation spillovers, and for how long
Srikanth Paruchuri, Timothy G. Pollock, Naveen Kumar

Incumbent repositioning with decision biases
Xianjin Du, Meng Li, Brian Wu

Problemistic search distance and entrepreneurial performance
Ryan W. Angus

Beyond tokenism: How strategic leaders influence more meaningful gender diversity on boards of directors
Orhun Guldiken, Mark R. Mallon, Stav Fainshmidt, William Q. Judge, Cynthia E. Clark

Placing their bets: The influence of strategic investment on CEO pay-for-performance
Wei Shi, Brian L. Connelly, Jeremy D. Mackey, Abhinav Gupta

How the severity gap influences the effect of top actor performance on outcomes following a violation
John R. Busenbark, Nathan T. Marshall, Brian P. Miller, Michael D. Pfarrer