TOC: Service Bus


Service Business, 13(4)

Dysfunctional customer behavior: conceptualization and empirical validation
Minjeong Kang & Taeshik Gong

A peer-to-peer (P2P) platform business model: the case of Airbnb
Kwang-Ho Lee & DongHee Kim

How CSR serves as a preventive mechanism for coping with dysfunctional customer behavior
Jiyoung Kim, Russell Lacey, Hae-Ryong Kim & Jaebeom Suh

Innovation strategies and complementarity between innovation activities: the case of commercial archaeological firms
Carlos Martin-Rios, Eva Parga-Dans & Susana Pasamar

Effects of career barriers on career self-efficacy and career preparation behavior among undergraduates majoring in aviation tourism
Aeeun Jeon

Emotional contagion and collective commitment among leaders and team members in deluxe hotel
Hyo Sun Jung & Hye Hyun Yoon

Adolescents’ perceptions of mother–father dominance in family vacation decisions: a 25-society study
I-Fang Cheng, Che-Jen Su, Hsin-Hsing Liao, Nicolas Lorgnier, Anne-Marie Lebrun, Wen-Shen Yen, Yi-Fang Lan & Yingfang Huang

An analysis of the trilemma phenomenon for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy
Bo-Seong Yun, Sang-Gun Lee & Yaichi Aoshima