TOC: J Con Res


Journal of Consumer Research, 46(4)

JCR Call for Papers: “The Future of Brands in a Changing Consumer Marketplace” Special Issue: August 2021

Filling an Empty Self: The Impact of Social Exclusion on Consumer Preference for Visual Density
Lei Su; Echo Wen Wan; Yuwei Jiang

Charities Can Increase the Effectiveness of Donation Appeals by Using a Morally Congruent Positive Emotion
Shreyans Goenka; Stijn M J van Osselaer

Resistance to Medical Artificial Intelligence
Chiara Longoni; Andrea Bonezzi; Carey K Morewedge

Variety in Self-Expression Undermines Self-Continuity
Jacqueline R Rifkin; Jordan Etkin

The Material-Experiential Asymmetry in Discounting: When Experiential Purchases Lead to More Impatience
Joseph K Goodman; Selin A Malkoc; Mosi Rosenboim

Extending the Boundaries of Sensory Marketing and Examining the Sixth Sensory System: Effects of Vestibular Sensations for Sitting versus Standing Postures on Food Taste Perception
Dipayan Biswas; Courtney Szocs ; Annika Abell

Lead by Example? Custom-Made Examples Created by Close Others Lead Consumers to Make Dissimilar Choices
Jennifer K D’Angelo; Kristin Diehl; Lisa A Cavanaugh

Ignored or Rejected: Retail Exclusion Effects on Construal Levels and Consumer Responses to Compensation
Jayati Sinha; Fang-Chi Lu

Was Television Responsible for a New Generation of Smokers?
Michael Thomas

In Brands We Trust? A Multicategory, Multicountry Investigation of Sensitivity of Consumers’ Trust in Brands to Marketing-Mix Activities
Koushyar Rajavi; Tarun Kushwaha; Jan-Benedict E M Steenkamp

From Atoms to Bits and Back: A Research Curation on Digital Technology and Agenda for Future Research
Bernd Schmitt