TOC: Exp Econ


Experimental Economics, 22(4)

Multiple hypothesis testing in experimental economics
John A. List, Azeem M. Shaikh & Yang Xu

The impact of the level of responsibility on choices under risk: the role of blame
Gilbert G. Eijkelenboom, Ingrid Rohde & Alexander Vostroknutov

The effects of make and take fees in experimental markets
Vincent Bourke, Mark DeSantis & David Porter

Strategy revision opportunities and collusion
Matthew Embrey, Friederike Mengel & Ronald Peeters

Endogenous claims and collective production: an experimental study on the timing of profit-sharing negotiations and production
Andrzej Baranski

Hunger and the gender gap
Yan Chen, Ming Jiang & Erin L. Krupka

The Secure Boston Mechanism: theory and experiments
Umut Dur, Robert G. Hammond & Thayer Morrill

An experimental examination of interbank markets
Douglas D. Davis, Oleg Korenok & John P. Lightle

Deception and reciprocity
Despoina Alempaki, Gönül Dogan & Silvia Saccardo

Using machine learning for communication classification
Stefan P. Penczynski