Sequor Conference on Experience Design


College Station, TX, 18-20 May 2020; Deadline 31 Jan


Sequor Conference on Experience Design, May 18-20, 2020
Hosted by Texas A & M Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences
College Station, TX

Please consider this invitation to submit a proposal to contribute a session at the first annual Sequor Conference on Experience Design. Participants will be inspired by sessions addressing a wide range of topics and using a wide range of formats. Specifically, our conference will engage participants in…

  • elevating understanding of the art and science of designing and structuring experiences;
  • sharing knowledge about innovative programs;
  • enriching insights into experience design and experience structuring through creative mash-ups;
  • advancing understanding of methods of studying and evaluating experience offerings and experience design strategies;
  • discovering new ideas for innovation and research.

Proposals for sessions on completed research, conceptual integrations, case studies, creative mash-ups (e.g., role-playing, fishbowl exercises), debates, panels, exemplars of innovative and successful experience design, and higher education curriculum and instruction innovations are equally welcome. Proposals focusing on youth experiences are particularly welcome, consistent with the missions of our sponsors, the Bradberry Chair and Sequor Youth Development Initiative.

Proposal Preparation and Submission

Please send your 250 words max proposal, along with the title of the session, name of all presenter(s) and their contact information by January 31, 2020 to J. Robert Rossman,

Examples of topics:

  • Exemplars or Case studies documenting the implementation of successful experience designs.
  • Experiences of youth in sport and youth development programs.
  • Research reports on experience design and various components of experience design such as theming, courtesy, recovery, and so on.
  • Experience design in various contexts, e.g. the emerging interest in “the patient experience”.
  • Conceptual/Definitional papers on experience or experience design.
  • Curricular issues including course content, curriculum, and required support courses in a curriculum.
  • Creative mash-up sessions illustrating challenges and opportunities in experience design

Special Sessions:

  • Peer Consultation Sessions: Have a topic you are developing or thinking about? Deliver 10-15 minutes about it to peers and receive 5-10 minutes feedback from your peers (20 minutes allocated to each presenter). Please identify the questions you want feedback about.
  • Curriculum Development: A session focused on the development/structure of a curriculum. Last year we heard from California Polytechnic State University and Brigham Young University. We are open to learn about a different curriculum this year.

Conference Organizers: Dr. Gary Ellis, Conference Chair; Mr. Rick Harwell, Conference Organizer; Dr. J. Robert Rossman and Dr. Jingxian (Kelly) Jiang, Program Co-chairs.

Submittal Deadline: January 31, 2020