Customers and Innovation


Special issue of Journal of Customer Behaviour; Deadline 15 Feb 2020

Journal of Customer Behaviour Special Issue Call for Papers

Customers and Innovation

Guest Editors: Barbara Caemmerer & Orsolya Sadik-Rozsnyai, ESSCA, France

Deadline for submissions: 15 February 2020

Innovations are shaping customers’ everyday life and are creating new business opportunities for companies. The digital transformation leads to a growing presence of robots, new devices and services. Some recurrent concepts used in this context include Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Systems and the Internet of Things – all of which contribute to the disruption and evolution of intensively competitive markets. However, to successfully create and launch these innovations, it is critical to understand customers’ behaviour in B2C as well as B2B contexts and identify relevant targets and marketing strategies.

The purpose of this special issue is to develop new theoretical and managerial contributions in customer behaviour related to innovations. This includes customer and company innovativeness, as well as the perception, adoption, and use of, as well as the resistance to innovations.

Traditional adoption models (e.g. Rogers, 2003; the TAM model of Davis, 1989) remain robust and are widely utilised in research, but further exploration into the evolution of customer behaviour is necessary in order to understand whether innovations affect the customer decision-making (e.g. Gounaris & Koritos, 2012; Sharma & Nayak, 2017).

This special issue encourages contributions exploring changes in customer behaviour in relation to concepts such as value perceptions of and price sensitiveness to innovations, including innovative products, services and business models (e.g. Mele, 2009; Sadik-Rozsnyai & Bertrandias, 2019).

Moving beyond the individual consumer, we wish to include papers that shed light onto the evolution of customer behaviour and reactions to innovation in B2B settings (Nagy, Schuessler & Dubinsky, 2016). As all industry sectors are disrupted or at least impacted by innovations there is a need for a better understanding how they affect corporate buying decisions.

Finally, we are also looking for contributions in the field of innovation management, including topics such as network effects and organisational learning (e.g. Redwood & Ford, 2012; Story, O’Malley, Hart & Saker, 2008), as well as the role of communication management in the launch of innovations, with a specific focus on digital communication strategies (e.g. Roberts & Piller, 2016).

Articles can cover radical or incremental innovations as well as high-tech or low-tech innovations. We also encourage papers that bridge the gap between marketing and other disciplines such as computer science, sociology, and engineering. We accept conceptual and empirical papers with quantitative and/or qualitative methodological approaches.

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