Dark Side of B2B Relationships


Special issue of Journal of Business Research; Deadline 31 May 2020

Call for Papers: Journal of Business Research (Special Issue: "Dark Side of B2B Relationships")

Research on the dark side of B2B relationship has attracted significant scholarly attention in the last two decades (Anderson & Jap, 2005; Mooi & Frambach, 2012). The scholarly interest arises from the theoretical and practical importance of this area of research. While theorists seek to understand the processes underlying the dark side phenomena, managers are interested in solutions to contain the negative effects arising from the dark side. A recent special issue of Industrial Marketing Management in 2016 highlights the importance of this area of enquiry (Abosag, Yen, & Barnes, 2016). Notwithstanding these considerable efforts by scholars in recent years, several gaps remain, which need to be addressed so that a more complete understanding of the dark side phenomena and associated processes can be obtained. The purpose of this special issue is to focus scholarly attention on specific areas that need further enquiry in order to continue to develop this important stream of research.

We welcome both conceptual and empirical papers; however simple literature reviews that do not synthesize the current research or present a conceptual framework will not be considered for publication. We would also not accept replications of existing theories or models and simple case studies about a particular company or industry. We are agnostic regarding the method employed. Papers employing either qualitative or quantitative methods are welcome. Longitudinal studies that tease out the associated processes are particularly encouraged.

Submissions open: 1st March, 2020

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