TOC: J Interactive Mar


Journal of Interactive Marketing, 48

Drama Goes Viral: Effects of Story Development on Shares and Views of Online Advertising Videos
Keith A. Quesenberry, Michael K. Coolsen

Tweeting with the Stars: Automated Text Analysis of the Effect of Celebrity Social Media Communications on Consumer Word of Mouth
Torgeir Aleti, Jason I. Pallant, Annamaria Tuan, Tom van Laer

Enhancing the Helpfulness of Online Consumer Reviews: The Role of Latent (Content) Factors
Vartika Srivastava, Arti D. Kalro

Product Rating Statistics as Consumer Search Aids
Chong Guan, Shun Yin Lam

What’s Mine Is a Hologram? How Shared Augmented Reality Augments Psychological Ownership
Amelia Carrozzi, Mathew Chylinski, Jonas Heller, Tim Hilken, Debbie I. Keeling, Ko de Ruyter

Adding Voice to the Omnichannel and How that Affects Brand Trust
Margherita Pagani, Margot Racat, Charles F. Hofacker

Is Sociability or Interactivity more Effective for Enhancing Performance? Findings from a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
Dianwen Wang, Zhilin Yang, Zhihua Ding

Modeling Advertisers’ Willingness to Pay in TV Commercial Slot Auctions
Yang Shi, Ying Zhao