TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 159(4)

Editorial Essay

Sharing Economy, Sharing Responsibility? Corporate Social Responsibility in the Digital Age
Michael Etter, Christian Fieseler & Glen Whelan

It’s About Distributing Rather than Sharing: Using Labor Process Theory to Probe the “Sharing” Economy
Sunyu Chai & Maureen A. Scully

(Self-)Regulation of Sharing Economy Platforms Through Partial Meta-organizing
Heloise Berkowitz & Antoine Souchaud

What’s in an App? Investigating the Moral Struggles Behind a Sharing Economy Device
Mireille Mercier-Roy & Chantale Mailhot

The Presentation of Self as Good and Right: How Value Propositions and Business Model Features are Linked in the Sharing Economy
Dominika Wruk, Achim Oberg, Jennifer Klutt & Indre Maurer

Envisioning the ‘Sharing City’: Governance Strategies for the Sharing Economy
Sebastian Vith, Achim Oberg, Markus A. Höllerer & Renate E. Meyer

Non Sibi, Sed Omnibus: Influence of Supplier Collective Behaviour on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Bangladeshi Apparel Supply Chain
Enrico Fontana & Niklas Egels-Zandén

The Influence of Corporate Sustainability Officers on Performance
Gary F. Peters, Andrea M. Romi & Juan Manuel Sanchez

Power and Diffusion of Sustainability in Supply Networks: Findings from Four In-Depth Case Studies
Osama A. Meqdadi, Thomas E. Johnsen & Rhona E. Johnsen

Ethical Issues in the Assurance of Sustainability Reports: Perspectives from Assurance Providers
Olivier Boiral, Iñaki Heras-Saizarbitoria, Marie-Christine Brotherton & Julie Bernard

Corporate Governance as a Key Driver of Corporate Sustainability in France: The Role of Board Members and Investor Relations
Patricia Crifo, Elena Escrig-Olmedo & Nicolas Mottis

Environmental Strategy, Institutional Force, and Innovation Capability: A Managerial Cognition Perspective
Defeng Yang, Aric Xu Wang, Kevin Zheng Zhou & Wei Jiang

The Contribution of Management Control Systems to Environmental Capabilities
Elisabeth Albertini

Business’ Environmental Obligations and Reasoned Public Discourse: A Kantian Foundation for Analysis
Richard Robinson & Nina Shah

A Cross Level Investigation on the Linkage Between Job Satisfaction and Voluntary Workplace Green Behavior
Andrea Kim, Youngsang Kim & Kyongji Han

Do Firms’ Slack Resources Influence the Relationship Between Focused Environmental Innovations and Financial Performance? More is Not Always Better
Dante I. Leyva-de la Hiz, Vera Ferron-Vilchez & J. Alberto Aragon-Correa