TOC: Psych Mar


Psychology & Marketing, 36(11)

Low detail future variety: Providing affective relief during repetitive music consumption
James A. Mead, David M. Hardesty, Maura L. Scott

Can we find the right balance in cause-related marketing? Analyzing the boundaries of balance theory in evaluating brand-cause partnerships
Joseph T. Yun, Brittany R. L. Duff, Patrick Vargas, Itai Himelboim, Hari Sundaram

Beyond endorsements: The effect of celebrity Creative Directors on consumers’ attitudes toward the advertisement
Kendra Fowler, Veronica L. Thomas

It’s about our values: How founder’s stories influence brand authenticity
Anne Hamby, David Brinberg, Kim Daniloski

Can fear be eaten? The emotional outcomes of consuming frightening foods or drinks
Jiangang Du, Qiuying Zheng, Michael K. Hui, Xiucheng Fan

Predicting consumers’ cheating behavior. The role of mental representation of goods and psychological ownership
Giampaolo Viglia, Vito Tassiello, Sianne Gordon-Wilson, Laura Grazzini

Accurate case-outcome modeling in economics, psychology, and marketing
Arch G. Woodside


The decision-making process in viral marketing—A review and suggestions for further research
Thomas Reichstein, Ines Brusch


When social intrusiveness depletes customer value: A balanced perspective on the agency of simultaneous sharers in a commercial sharing experience
Françoise Simon, Claire Roederer

Local residents’ perception about tourism and foreign residents: A Spanish case study
Reyes González, Jose Gascó, Juan Llopis

Neutralizing the shamefulness judgements of materialistic buyer behavior: The role of price promotions and the smart-shopper attribution
Yi Zhang, David Glen Mick

The effect of perceived economic mobility on customer aggression toward service employees: A darker aspect of customer behavior
Yongju Kwon, Youjae Yi

Consumer microflow experiences
Raymond Lavoie, Kelley Main