TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 159(2)

Thematic Symposium: Social Enterprises – Walking Ethically on the Edge between Economic Performance and Social and Environmental Impact (articles 1-6)

In this issue

The Bright Side of Hybridity: Exploring How Social Enterprises Manage and Leverage Their Hybrid Nature
Luca Mongelli, Francesco Rullani, Tommaso Ramus & Tomislav Rimac

Social Enterprises, Venture Philanthropy and the Alleviation of Income Inequality
Francesco Di Lorenzo & Mariarosa Scarlata

Data Envelopment Analysis and Social Enterprises: Analysing Performance, Strategic Orientation and Mission Drift
Matthias Staessens, Pieter Jan Kerstens, Johan Bruneel & Laurens Cherchye

Unpacking Variation in Hybrid Organizational Forms: Changing Models of Social Enterprise Among Nonprofits, 2000–2013
Jean-Baptiste Litrico & Marya L. Besharov

Prosociality in Business: A Human Empowerment Framework
Steven A. Brieger, Siri A. Terjesen, Diana M. Hechavarría & Christian Welzel

Managing Value Tensions in Collective Social Entrepreneurship: The Role of Temporal, Structural, and Collaborative Compromise
Björn C. Mitzinneck & Marya L. Besharov

Hear Me Write: Does CEO Narcissism Affect Disclosure?
Gilberto Marquez-Illescas, Allan A. Zebedee & Linying Zhou

Does Self-Serving Leadership Hinder Team Creativity? A Moderated Dual-Path Model
Jian Peng, Zhen Wang & Xiao Chen

When Core Self-Evaluations Influence Employees’ Deviant Reactions to Abusive Supervision: The Moderating Role of Cognitive Ability
Donald H. Kluemper, Kevin W. Mossholder, Dan Ispas, Mark N. Bing, Dragos Iliescu & Alexandra Ilie

Development of The Integration Profile (TIP) Faith and Work Integration Scale
David W. Miller, Timothy Ewest & Mitchell J. Neubert

A Social Exchange Perspective of Employee–Organization Relationships and Employee Unethical Pro-organizational Behavior: The Moderating Role of Individual Moral Identity
Taolin Wang, Lirong Long, Yong Zhang & Wei He

Why Moral Followers Quit: Examining the Role of Leader Bottom-Line Mentality and Unethical Pro-Leader Behavior
Salar Mesdaghinia, Anushri Rawat & Shiva Nadavulakere

Does Servant Leadership Affect Employees’ Emotional Labor? A Social Information-Processing Perspective
Junting Lu, Zhe Zhang & Ming Jia

To Help My Supervisor: Identification, Moral Identity, and Unethical Pro-supervisor Behavior
Hana Huang Johnson & Elizabeth E. Umphress

The ‘Corbyn Phenomenon’: Media Representations of Authentic Leadership and the Discourse of Ethics Versus Effectiveness
Marian Iszatt-White, Andrea Whittle, Gyuzel Gadelshina & Frank Mueller

Ethical Leadership and Team-Level Creativity: Mediation of Psychological Safety Climate and Moderation of Supervisor Support for Creativity
Yidong Tu, Xinxin Lu, Jin Nam Choi & Wei Guo

“If Only My Coworker Was More Ethical”: When Ethical and Performance Comparisons Lead to Negative Emotions, Social Undermining, and Ostracism
Matthew J. Quade, Rebecca L. Greenbaum & Mary B. Mawritz

Collective Efficacy: Linking Paternalistic Leadership to Organizational Commitment
Ying Chen, Xiaohu Zhou & Kim Klyver