TOC: Exp Econ


Experimental Economics, 22(3)

Introduction to the special issue in honor of Professor Charles R. Plott
Lata Gangadharan, Charles N. Noussair & Marie-Claire Villeval

A new experimental mechanism to investigate polarized demands for public goods: the effects of censoring
R. Mark Isaac, Douglas A. Norton & Svetlana Pevnitskaya

On the scope of externalities in experimental markets
Björn Bartling, Vanessa Valero & Roberto Weber

Information aggregation in Arrow–Debreu markets: an experiment
Lawrence Choo, Todd R. Kaplan & Ro’i Zultan

Individual speculative behavior and overpricing in experimental asset markets
Dirk-Jan Janssen, Sascha Füllbrunn & Utz Weitzel

Behavioral sources of the demand for carbon offsets: an experimental study
Kai-Uwe Kuhn & Neslihan Uler

Directional behavioral spillover and cognitive load effects in multiple repeated games
Tracy Xiao Liu, Jenna Bednar, Yan Chen & Scott Page

Reference point effects in legislative bargaining: experimental evidence
Nels Christiansen & John H. Kagel

The welfare costs of price controls and rent seeking in a class experiment
Grace Finley, Charles Holt & Emily Snow