TOC: J Consumer Affairs


Journal of Consumer Affairs, 53(3)


Ready for the Revolution? Why Publishing Consumer Research Is Changing
Ronald Paul Hill

In Memoriam

Children and Youth

The Effects of Financial Education on Financial Literacy and Savings Behavior: Evidence from a Controlled Field Experiment in Dutch Primary Schools
Adriaan Kalwij, Rob Alessie, Milena Dinkova, Gea Schonewille, Anna van der Schors, Minou van der Werf

Impact of Financial Education Mandates on Younger Consumers’ Use of Alternative Financial Services
Melody Harvey

Exploring a Model for Integrating Child Development Accounts with Social Services for Vulnerable Families
Jin Huang, Sondra G. Beverly, Youngmi Kim, Margaret M. Clancy, Michael Sherraden

Families, Housing, and Wealth

Using the Family Self-Sufficiency Program to Help Families with Housing Assistance Improve Earnings, Credit Score, and Debt Levels: A Quasi-Experimental Analysis
Judy Geyer, Lesley Freiman, Jeffrey Lubell, Micah Villarreal

An Examination of Participation in Homebuyer Education and Counseling Services
Shawn R. Moulton, Laura R. Peck, Nichole Fiore, Debbie Gruenstein Bocian, Donna DeMarco

First-Year Impacts on Savings and Economic Well-Being from the Assets for Independence Program Randomized Evaluation
Gregory Mills, Signe-Mary McKernan, Caroline Ratcliffe, Sara Edelstein, Michael Pergamit, Breno Braga

Vulnerable Populations

Financial Capability for All: Training Human Service Professionals to Work with Vulnerable Families
Margaret S. Sherraden, Julie Birkenmaier, J. Michael Collins

Building Financial and Health Literacy at Older Ages: The Role of Online Information
Hessam Bavafa, Junhao Liu, Anita Mukherjee

Engagement with Retirement Savings: It Is a Matter of Trust
A. M. Jeanette Deetlefs, Hazel Bateman, Loretti I. Dobrescu, Ben R. Newell, Andreas Ortmann, Susan Thorp

Small-Dollar Credit Lending: The Effect of Financial Burden on Personal Asset Misvaluation
Sommer Kapitan, Spencer M. Ross, David H. Silvera

Narrow Framing and Retirement Savings Decisions
Serah Shin, Hyungsoo Kim, Claudia J. Heath

Sponsorship Disclosures of Native Advertising: Clarity and Prominence
Soontae An, Hannah Kang, Sra Koo

Rent-to-Own Pricing: Theory and Empirical Evidence
Sanjiv Jaggia, Hervé Roche, Michael H. Anderson

App Users Unwittingly in the Spotlight: A Model of Privacy Protection in Mobile Apps
Verena M. Wottrich, Eva A. van Reijmersdal, Edith G. Smit

It’s Only Once, So Let’s Indulge: Testing Ordinary vs. Extraordinary Experience within Marketing Messaging, Temporal Distance, and Consumer Indulgence
Elizabeth A. Minton, Richie L. Liu

Perceived Marketplace Influence and Consumer Ethical Action
R. Bret Leary, Richard J. Vann, John D. Mittelstaedt

Nutrition and Food Choice: Home vs. Restaurants
James K. Binkley