TOC: J Con Cult


Journal of Consumer Culture, 19(4)

Special Issue: Austerity and Everyday Life: Perspectives on Practices of Consumption and Thrift

Austerity and everyday life: Perspectives on practices of consumption and thrift
Alison Hulme [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Blaming consumers: Ideology and European austerity
Alan Bradshaw and Jacob Ostberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Intensive mothering in hard times: Foucauldian ethical self-formation and cruel optimism
Benedetta Cappellini, Vicki Harman, Alessandra Marilli, and Elizabeth Parsons [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gleaning around the globe: Reframing urban thrift via practices and economies of hard rubbish reuse
Tania Lewis and Frederic Rauturier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The aestheticization of restraint: The popular appeal of de-cluttering after the global financial crisis
Susie Khamis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mother, consumer, trader: Gendering the commodification of second-hand economies since the recession
Emma Waight [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The hedonic delights of frugality: Pound store shopping in austere times
Alison Hulme [Publisher] [Google Scholar]