TOC: J Con Res


Journal of Consumer Research, 46(3)

A Framework for Understanding Consumer Choices for Others
Peggy J Liu; Steven K Dallas; Gavan J Fitzsimons

How Well Do Consumer-Brand Relationships Drive Customer Brand Loyalty? Generalizations from a Meta-Analysis of Brand Relationship Elasticities
Mansur Khamitov; Xin (Shane) Wang; Matthew Thomson

Consumer Movements and Value Regimes: Fighting Food Waste in Germany by Building Alternative Object Pathways
Johanna F Gollnhofer; Henri A Weijo; John W Schouten

The Body as (Another) Place: Producing Embodied Heterotopias Through Tattooing
Dominique Roux; Russell Belk

Wine for the Table: Self-Construal, Group Size, and Choice for Self and Others
Eugenia C Wu; Sarah G Moore; Gavan J Fitzsimons

Differential Construal of Exercise versus Diet and Implications for Weight Control
Erica Mina Okada

The Pleasure of Assessing and Expressing Our Likes and Dislikes
Daniel He; Shiri Melumad; Michel Tuan Pham

The Best Laid Plans: Why New Parents Fail to Habituate Practices
Tandy Chalmers Thomas; Amber M Epp

The Devil You Know: Self-Esteem and Switching Responses to Poor Service
Irene Consiglio; Stijn M J van Osselaer

The Influence of Health Motivation and Calorie Ending on Preferences for Indulgent Foods
Jungsil Choi; Yexin Jessica Li; Adriana Samper

Invited Curation

Consuming Technocultures: An Extended JCR Curation
Robert V Kozinets