Reflections, Explorations, Expansions


Special issue Journal of Macromarketing; Deadline 1 Mar 2020

Journal of Macromarketing, Ruby Anniversary Issue

Call for Papers, Special Issue Reflections, Explorations, Expansions

Guest Edited by:

  • Clifford J. Shultz, II, Loyola University Chicago, USA
  • William Wilkie, University of Notre Dame, USA

Manuscript Submission Deadline: March 1, 2020

Submissions are due no later than March 1, 2020 at

The year 2020 marks the Ruby Anniversary of the Journal of Macromarketing (JMK). Scholars are invited to submit manuscripts for a special issue of the Journal, to commemorate this milestone. JMK articles historically have explored the interactions among markets, marketing and society. The Ruby Anniversary Issue is intended to reflect upon past contributions, to explore new directions, and to make new contributions to macromarketing theory.

Most welcome are manuscripts that:

  • Assess macromarketing origins, contributions, and its evolution
  • Offer suggestions for future scholarship and practice
  • Share thoughtful comments on and/or expand classic articles of macromarketing
  • Explore pedagogy, curriculum development, and dissemination of macromarketing ideas
  • Examine the most compelling societal challenges of our time, e.g., poverty, climate change, immigration, conflict, sustainable peace, technological advances and threats, security and safety of food systems.
  • Provide new perspectives on core macromarketing foci, e.g., quality of life, marketing systems, competition, ethics and distributive justice, global policy and the environment, socioeconomic development, and history.
  • Inspire marketing scholars to focus on topics relevant to societal issues on which improvements in marketing knowledge and practice can lead to improvements in society’s interests.

Articles may involve explanatory theory, empirical studies, policy, or methodological treatment of tests; retrospectives; historical examination of markets, marketing, and marketing processes; commentary; book reviews; and other forms of fresh perspectives on the dynamic interactions among markets, marketing and society.

For further information, please contact Cliff Shultz, Manuscript format should adhere to the guidelines found on the journal’s Web site: