TOC: Mar Theory


Marketing Theory, 19(3)

Bacteria and the market
Norah Campbell and Cormac Deane [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service innovation as a social construction: The role of boundary objects
Cristina Mele, Roberta Sebastiani, and Daniela Corsaro [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing collective effervescence: ‘Zomsumption’ and postemotional fandom
James Cronin and Hayley L. Cocker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Markets changing, changing markets: Institutional work as market shaping
Jonathan J. Baker, Kaj Storbacka, and Roderick J. Brodie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Psychotic, acritical and precarious? A Lacanian exploration of the neoliberal consumer subject
Aliette Lambert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘Made to run’: Biopolitical marketing and the making of the self-quantified runner
Vassilis Charitsis, Anna Fyrberg Yngfalk, and Per Skålén [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘I once wore an angry bird T-shirt and went to read Qur’an’: Asymmetrical institutional complexity and emerging consumption practices in Pakistan
Saima Husain, Mike Molesworth, and Georgiana Grigore [Publisher] [Google Scholar] Commentary

Marketing’s metaphors have expired: An argument for a new dominant metaphor
Marjorie Delbaere and Adam D. Slobodzian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]