TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 158(4)

Power, Status and Expectations: How Narcissism Manifests Among Women CEOs

Alicia R. Ingersoll, Christy Glass, Alison Cook & Kari Joseph Olsen

To Disclose or Not to Disclose: The Ironic Effects of the Disclosure of Personal Information About Ethnically Distinct Newcomers to a Team

Bret Crane, Melissa Thomas-Hunt & Selin Kesebir

The Role of the Applicant?s Moral Identity and the Firm?s Performance on the Ethical Signals/Organization Attraction Relationship

Sandra W. DeGrassi

Why and When Employees Like to Speak up More Under Humble Leaders? The Roles of Personal Sense of Power and Power Distance

Xiaoshuang Lin, Zhen Xiong Chen, Herman H. M. Tse, Wu Wei & Chao Ma

Ethics Versus Outcomes: Managerial Responses to Incentive-Driven and Goal-Induced Employee Behavior

Gary M. Fleischman, Eric N. Johnson, Kenton B. Walker & Sean R. Valentine

Sifarish: Understanding the Ethical Versus Unethical Use of Network-Based Hiring in Pakistan

Sadia Nadeem & Neelab Kayani

Feeling Energized: A Multilevel Model of Spiritual Leadership, Leader Integrity, Relational Energy, and Job Performance

Fu Yang, Jun Liu, Zhen Wang & Yucheng Zhang

Understanding Protestant and Islamic Work Ethic Studies: A Content Analysis of Articles

R. Arzu Kalemci & Ipek Kalemci Tuzun

Muslims? View of God as a Predictor of Ethical Behaviour in Organisations: Scale Development and Validation

Faisal Alshehri, Saleema Kauser & Marianna Fotaki

Employee Treatment and Contracting with Bank Lenders: An Instrumental Approach for Stakeholder Management

Bill Francis, Iftekhar Hasan, Liuling Liu & Haizhi Wang

Hardworking as a Heuristic for Moral Character: Why We Attribute Moral Values to Those Who Work Hard and Its Implications

Clinton Amos, Lixuan Zhang & David Read

Remuneration Committees and Attribution Disclosures on Remuneration Decisions: Australian Evidence

Sutharson Kanapathippillai, Dessalegn Mihret & Shireenjit Johl

The Predictive Effects of Workplace Ostracism on Employee Attitudes: A Job Embeddedness Perspective

Yijing Lyu & Hong Zhu

When Leaders and Followers Match: The Impact of Objective Value Congruence, Value Extremity, and Empowerment on Employee Commitment and Job Satisfaction

Olivia A. U. Byza, Stefan L. D?rr, Sebastian C. Schuh & G?nter W. Maier

Abusive Supervision and Employee Deviance: A Multifoci Justice Perspective

Haesang Park, Jenny M. Hoobler, Junfeng Wu, Robert C. Liden, Jia Hu & Morgan S. Wilson

The Relationship Between Individual Work Values and Unethical Decision-Making and Behavior at Work

Luis M. Arciniega, Laura J. Stanley, Diana Puga-M?ndez, Dalia Obreg?n-Schael & Isaac Politi-Salame

Are ?Bad? Employees Happier Under Bad Bosses? Differing Effects of Abusive Supervision on Low and High Primary Psychopathy Employees

Charlice Hurst, Lauren Simon, Yongsuhk Jung & Dante Pirouz

Boundary Conditions of Ethical Leadership: Exploring Supervisor-Induced and Job Hindrance Stress as Potential Inhibitors

Matthew J. Quade, Sara J. Perry & Emily M. Hunter

Satisfied with the Job, But Not with the Boss: Leaders? Expressions of Gratitude and Pride Differentially Signal Leader Selfishness, Resulting in Differing Levels of Followers? Satisfaction

Lisa Ritzenh?fer, Prisca Brosi, Matthias Sp?rrle & Isabell M. Welpe