TOC: Services Mar Quart


Services Marketing Quarterly, 40(3)

Impact of Service Quality, Satisfaction and Corporate Image on Loyalty: A Study of a Publicly Traded for-Profit University
Lorena Silva Arrivabene, Paulo Roberto da Costa Vieira & Cecília Lima de Queirós Mattoso [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing a Specialized Service Quality Model for Universities
Reza Fazli-Salehi, Mohammad Rahim Esfidani, Ivonne M. Torres & Miguel Angel Zúñiga [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are the Generic Scales Enough to Measure Service Quality of Mobile Banking? A Comparative Analysis of Generic Service Quality Measurement Scales to Mobile Banking Context
Amit Shankar, Biplab Datta & Charles Jebarajakirthy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Achieving Student Satisfaction and Student Loyalty in Higher Education: A Focus on Service Value Dimensions
Rik Paul & Sudeepta Pradhan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]