TOC: J Man


Journal of Management, 45(7)

Reconciling the Dilemma of Knowledge Sharing: A Network Pluralism Framework of Firms’ R&D Alliance Network and Innovation Performance
Jiamin Zhang, Han Jiang, Rui Wu, and Jizhen Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Seeing the Big Picture: A Within-Person Examination of Leader Construal Level and Vision Communication
Merlijn Venus, Russell E. Johnson, Shuxia Zhang, Xiao-Hua (Frank) Wang, and Klodiana Lanaj [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Alternative Governance and Corporate Financial Fraud in Transition Economies: Evidence From China
Daphne W. Yiu, William P. Wan, and Yuehua Xu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strong or Weak Synergy? Revising the Assumption of Team-Related Advantages in Integrative Negotiations
Joachim Hüffmeier, Alfred Zerres, Philipp Alexander Freund, Klaus Backhaus, Roman Trötschel, and Guido Hertel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Principals-Principals Perspective of Hybrid Leviathans: Cross-Border Acquisitions by State-Owned MNEs
Victor Zitian Chen, Aldo Musacchio, and Sali Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Restricted Variance Interaction Effects: What They Are and Why They Are Your Friends
Jose M. Cortina, Tine Koehler, Kathleen R. Keeler, and Bo Bernhard Nielsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dusting Off the Knowledge Shelves: Recombinant Lag and the Technological Value of Inventions
Holmer Kok, Dries Faems, and Pedro de Faria [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Am I Expected to Be Ethical? A Role-Definition Perspective of Ethical Leadership and Unethical Behavior
Ted A. Paterson and Lei Huang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Before They Were Ties: Predicting the Value of Brand-New Connections
Daniel Z. Levin and Jorge Walter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Power of Percipience: Consequences of Self-Awareness in Teams on Team-Level Functioning and Performance
Erich C. Dierdorff, David M. Fisher, and Robert S. Rubin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Affect in Shaping the Behavioral Consequences of CEO Option Incentives
Leon Zolotoy, Don O’Sullivan, Geoffrey P. Martin, and Madhu Veeraraghavan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Failing to Be Family-Supportive: Implications for Supervisors
Benjamin M. Walsh, Russell A. Matthews, Tatiana H. Toumbeva, Dana Kabat-Farr, Jenna Philbrick, and Ivica Pavisic [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Industry Clusters and Organizational Prototypes: Evidence From the Franconian Brewing Industry
Nikolaus Beck, Anand Swaminathan, James B. Wade, and Filippo Carlo Wezel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Multilevel Integrated Framework of Firm HR Practices, Individual Ambidexterity, and Organizational Ambidexterity
Tom J. M. Mom, Yi-Ying Chang, Magdalena Cholakova, and Justin J. P. Jansen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Content, Contribution, and Knowledge Consumption: Uncovering Hidden Topic Structure and Rhetorical Signals in Scientific Texts
David Antons, Amol M. Joshi, and Torsten Oliver Salge [Publisher] [Google Scholar]