TOC: J Con Policy


Journal of Consumer Policy, 42(3)

Does Consumer Financial Management Behavior Relate to Their Financial Access?
J. Birkenmaier & Q. J. Fu

Consumer Protection and the Regulation of Mobile Phone Contracts: A Study of Automatically Renewable Long-Term Contracts Across Jurisdictions
C. Bisping & T. J. Dodsworth

Improving Nutritional Quality of Consumers’ Food Purchases With Traffic-Lights Labels: An Experimental Analysis
S. Marette, L. Nabec & F. Durieux

A Matter of Principle: Comparing Norm-Based Explanations for Fair Trade Consumption
P. Schenk

How Much Is Data Privacy Worth? A Preliminary Investigation
A. G. Winegar & C. R. Sunstein

Nudged to a Menu Position: The Role of “I’m Loving It”!
E. Reijnen, S. J. Kühne, H. M. von Gugelberg & A. Crameri