TOC: Australasian Mar J


Australasian Marketing Journal, 27(3)

Liem Viet Ngo

Pricing in consumer digital markets: A dynamic framework
Richard Reisman, Adrian Payne, Pennie Frow

Applying a causal ambush marketing framework to social media: The ‘Pleasure is Diverse’ campaign and the Australian marriage amendment
Felicity Small, Michael Mehmet, Morgan P. Miles

The effects of e-commerce on franchising: Practical implications and models
Zhanna Kremez, Lorelle Frazer, Park Thaichon

The mediating role of brand knowledge on employees’ brand citizenship behaviour: Does organizational tenure matter?
Long Thang Van Nguyen, Vinh Nhat Lu, Sally Rao Hill, Jodie Conduit

Marketing the healthiness of sports drinks: From physiological to cognitive based benefits
Patrick van Esch, Casey Lynn Gadsby

Critically reviewing literature: A tutorial for new researchers
Karen V. Fernandez

How to specify, estimate, and validate higher-order constructs in PLS-SEM
Marko Sarstedt, Joseph F. Hair, Cheah Jun-Hwa, Jan-Michael Becker, Christian M. Ringle