TOC: Soc Mar Quart


Social Marketing Quarterly, 25(3)


Social Marketing Practitioners: Should You Share Your Work in SMQ?
Susan D. Kirby [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pester Power: Understanding Parent–Child Communication About Fruits and Vegetables in Low-Income Families From the Child’s Perspective
Natoshia M. Askelson, Elizabeth H. Golembiewski, Cristian L. Meier, Rosamond Smith, Doris Montgomery, Catherine J. Lillehoj, and Suzy Wilson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategically Leveraging Humor in Social Marketing Campaigns
D. Scott Borden and L. Suzanne Suggs [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Social Marketing Comes of Age: A Brief History of the Community of Practice, Profession, and Related Associations, With Recommendations for Future Growth
Jay Kassirer, Craig Lefebvre, Winthrop Morgan, Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Ross Gordon, Jeff French, L. Suzanne Suggs, Nancy Lee, and Brian J. Biroscak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]