TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 158(2)


Thematic Symposium: Accounting Ethics and Regulation: SOX 15 Years Later
Sally Gunz & Linda Thorne

How Do Investors Respond to Restatements? Repairing Trust Through Managerial Reputation and the Announcement of Corrective Actions
Anna M. Cianci, Shana M. Clor-Proell & Steven E. Kaplan

The Effects of Clawbacks on Auditors’ Propensity to Propose Restatements and Risk Assessments
William D. Brink, Jonathan H. Grenier, Jonathan S. Pyzoha & Andrew Reffett

The Relationship Between Sarbanes–Oxley Policies and Donor Advisories in Nonprofit Organizations
Gregory D. Saxton & Daniel G. Neely

The Role of CSR in Crises: Integration of Situational Crisis Communication Theory and the Persuasion Knowledge Model
Chang-Dae Ham & Jeesun Kim

Stakeholder Salience for Small Businesses: A Social Proximity Perspective
Merja Lähdesmäki, Marjo Siltaoja & Laura J. Spence

Profit-Driven Corporate Social Responsibility as a Bayesian Real Option in Green Computing
Hemantha S. B. Herath, Tejaswini C. Herath & Paul Dunn

Corporate Tax: What Do Stakeholders Expect?
Carola Hillenbrand, Kevin Guy Money, Chris Brooks & Nicole Tovstiga

Ethical Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility in China: A Multilevel Study of Their Effects on Trust and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Louise Tourigny, Jian Han, Vishwanath V. Baba & Polly Pan

Does State Community Benefits Regulation Influence Charity Care and Operational Efficiency in U.S. Non-profit Hospitals?
Melvin A. Lamboy-Ruiz, James N. Cannon & Olena V. Watanabe

Managerial Efficiency, Corporate Social Performance, and Corporate Financial Performance
Seong Y. Cho & Cheol Lee

Local Social Environment, Firm Tax Policy, and Firm Characteristics
Ziqi Gao, Louise Yi Lu & Yangxin Yu

Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Disclosures: An Investigation of Investors’ and Analysts’ Perceptions
Audrey Hsu, Kevin Koh, Sophia Liu & Yen H. Tong

Investment Ethics and the Global Economy of Sports: The Norwegian Oil Fund, Formula 1 and the 2014 Russian Grand Prix
Hans Erik Næss

Ethical Leadership with Both “Moral Person” and “Moral Manager” Aspects: Scale Development and Cross-Cultural Validation
Weichun Zhu, Xiaoming Zheng, Hongwei He, Gang Wang & Xi Zhang

Disciplinary Actions by State Professional Licensing Boards: Are They Fair?
Cynthia L. Krom