TOC: Intl J Con Studies


International Journal of Consumer Studies, 43(5)

Repeated payment delinquency among young adults in the United States
Jodi C. Letkiewicz, Stuart J. Heckman

The effects of consumer empowerment on risk perception and satisfaction with food consumption
Su-Jung Nam

Exploring South African consumers’ attitudes towards game meat—Utilizing a multi-attribute attitude model
Anjolize Wassenaar, Elizabeth Kempen, Tertia van Eeden

I do not own a car any more: An analysis of possessions’ disposal and changes in consumers’ identities
Fabio Shimabukuro Sandes, Julio Leandro, Patricia Boaventura, Adelson Ferreira da Silva Junior

Factors affecting consumers’ purchase intention of eco-friendly food in China: The evidence from respondents in Beijing
Qile He, Yanqing Duan, Ruowei Wang, Zetian Fu

Global consumer study to identify water wastage in the usage of automatic dishwashers
Lara Belke, Writi Maitra, Bert Nijhuis, Clara Presti, Rainer Stamminger

Domestic spaces and beyond: Consumer food waste in the context of shopping and storing routines
Karin Dobernig, Karin Schanes

Identifying financially illiterate groups: An international comparison
Kenneth De Beckker, Kristof De Witte, Geert Van Campenhout