TOC: J Prod Innovation Man


Journal of Product Innovation Management, 36(5)

Special Section from the 2018 Innovation Product Development Management Conference

Managerial Political Behavior in Innovation Portfolio Management: A Sensegiving and Sensebreaking Process
Tobias Röth, Patrick Spieth, Donald Lange

Persuasion in Corporate Idea Contests: The Moderating Role of Content Scarcity on Decision-Making
Tobias Kruft, Christoph Tilsner, Andreas Schindler, Alexander Kock


Perspective: State-of-the-Art: The Quality of Case Study Research in Innovation Management
Keith Goffin, Pär Åhlström, Mattia Bianchi, Anders Richtnér

Original Articles

Comparing Lead Users to Emergent-Nature Consumers as Sources of Innovation at Early Stages of New Product Development
Linda Hamdi-Kidar, Peter Keinz, Emmanuelle Le Nagard, Eric Vernette

Institution-infused Sensemaking of Discontinuous Innovations: The Case of the Sharing Economy
Florian Weber, Julian Lehmann, Lorenz Graf-Vlachy, Andreas König