Think Forward Initiative


Funding for research projects on financial decision-making, financial health, and financial well-being; Deadline 6 Oct 2019

Think Forward Initiative

Call for research proposals

Deadline for submissions: 6 October 2019

The Think Forward Initiative (TFI) is a multidisciplinary and open initiative that promotes research and practical solutions with the ambitious goal of empowering more than 100 million people to make better financial decisions. The TFI is supported by a purpose-driven partnership between ING, the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), Deloitte, Amazon Web Services, and Dell Technologies.

In 2019, the TFI will award funding to short-term and long-term research projects that provide relevant impact-driven insights in the domains of people’s (financial) decision-making, financial health, and financial well-being. We particularly encourage empirical (interdisciplinary) research at the individual or household level that provide new insights into economic, social, technical or behavioural factors that could inspire effective interventions/solutions to the 1) day-to-day money stress problems and 2) financial future challenges faced by the not financially empowered population in developed countries.


The following themes have been given priority within the TFI research agenda for 2019:

  1. How (unexpected) negative life events and financial shocks relate to problematic debt, and/or to what extent insurance plays a role in this relationship for individuals/households
  2. Social networks, moral and social norms, small groups/local communities (micro-cultural contexts), and/or peer effects on spending and borrowing behaviours of individuals/households
  3. How digital technologies, digital identity and data privacy relate to opportunities and risks for people’s day-to-day money management and financial decision-making
  4. Dynamics in (financial) decision-making and relationships between or across generations: impact on financial outcomes at the individual/household level
  5. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and human financial behaviours across space and time: the impact on financial decision-making and financial well-being
  6. The sharing and circular economy: motives, risks and benefits for people’s (financial) lives

The main focus of this call will be on the six themes mentioned above, however, we are open to submissions outside the priority themes, as long as the proposal shows to be original and relevant for people’s (financial) decision-making and/or financial health and well-being. In this case, please indicate your proposal to be a wildcard submission.

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