TOC: Ind Mar Man


Industrial Marketing Management, 80

Special Section on: Business Actor Engagement: Foundations, Developments and Opportunities Guest edited by Jodie Conduit, Ingo Karpen, Carolin Plewa, Michael Kleinaltenkamp

Business actor engagement: Foundations, developments and opportunities
Jodie Conduit, Ingo O. Karpen, Carolin Plewa, Michael Kleinaltenkamp

Actor engagement, value creation and market innovation
Kaj Storbacka

Collective engagement in organizational settings
Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Ingo O. Karpen, Carolin Plewa, Elina Jaakkola, Jodie Conduit

Collective engagement: Four thought-shackles and how to escape them
Hugh N. Wilson

Customer referencing as business actor engagement behavior – Creating value in and beyond triadic settings
Elina Jaakkola, Leena Aarikka-Stenroos

Supplier-customer engagement for collaborative innovation using video conferencing: A study of SMEs
Jialin Hardwick, Alistair R. Anderson

Special section on: Start-ups and business networks – an interactive view on new ventures Guest edited by Enrico Baraldi, Christina Öberg, Åse Linné and Malena Ingemansson

Start-ups and networks: Interactive perspectives and a research agenda
Enrico Baraldi, Malena Ingemansson Havenvid, Åse Linné, Christina Öberg

Power in a startup’s relationships with its established partners: Interactions between structural and behavioural power
Tamara Oukes, Ariane von Raesfeld, Aard Groen

The influence of the structure of social networks on academic spin-offs’ entrepreneurial orientation
Juan Pablo Diánez-González, Carmen Camelo-Ordaz

The role of materially heterogeneous entities in the entrepreneurial network
Wadid Lamine, Alain Fayolle, Sarah Jack, Janice Byrne

Start-ups, entrepreneurial networks and equity crowdfunding: A processual perspective
Ross Brown, Suzanne Mawson, Alexander Rowe

The network mediation of an incubator: How does it enable or constrain the development of incubator firms’ business networks?
Tommy Shih, Lise Aaboen

Newness and heritage in business networks: Case analysis of university spin-offs
Simone Guercini, Matilde Milanesi

The role of supplier relationships in the development of new business ventures
Antonella La Rocca, Andrea Perna, Ivan Snehota, Francesco Ciabuschi

A start-up embedding in three business network settings – A matter of resource combining
Maria Landqvist, Frida Lind

A configurational analysis of network and knowledge variables explaining Born Globals’ and late internationalizing SMEs’ international performance
Mathew Hughes, Beate Cesinger, Cheng-Feng Cheng, Felix Schuessler, Sascha Kraus

Embedding of a new business as a cumulative process of combining different but complementary types of projects: The case of a project-based firm
João Mota, Luís M. de Castro

Resolving the start-up identity crisis: Strategizing in a network context
Sari Laari-Salmela, Tuija Mainela, Vesa Puhakka

A process-based model of network capability development by a start-up firm
Helen McGrath, Christopher J. Medlin, Thomas O’Toole

Special section on: The Nature of Industrial Marketing Work guest edited by Enrico Baraldi, Malena Ingemansson Havenvid, Åse Linné and Christina Öberg

Introduction to the special issue on the nature of industrial marketing work
Mark Palmer, Yann Truong

How marketers argue for business – Exploring the rhetorical nature of industrial marketing work
Tomas Nilsson

Uncovering institutional orientation as a new strategic orientation in industrial marketing
Damien Chaney, François A. Carrillat, Abir Zouari

Is your industrial marketing work working? Developing a composite index of market change
Suvi Nenonen, Kaj Storbacka, Catherine Frethey-Bentham

Business interaction and institutional work: When intermediaries make efforts to change their position
Sophie Michel, Florent Saucède, Catherine Pardo, Hervé Fenneteau

The maintenance of macro-vocabularies in an industry: The case of the France’s recorded music industry
Antoine Blanc, Isabelle Huault

Institutional means-ends decoupling work in industrial R&D project implementation
Rachid Jabbouri, Yann Truong, Dirk Schneckenberg, Mark Palmer