Journal of Economic Psychology


Eldad Yechiam has joined Carlos Alos-Ferrer as co-editor of the Journal of Economic Psychology

Dear all:

I wanted to let you know that the Journal of Economic Psychology (JoEP) has two new editors: Carlos Alos-Ferrer (who has been doing great work for the past 6 months!) and myself (just joined in!). Carlos is a decision theorist and neuroeconomist at the University of Zurich.

JoEP is the official journal of the International Association for Research in Economic Psychology. Current impact factor is 1.6.

As papers submitted to the journal become ever more behavioral economics’ish I thought it would be a good opportunity to remind you of its scope. It “aims to present research that will improve understanding of behavioral, in particular psychological, aspects of economic phenomena and processes.”

As such, it incorporates behavioral economics studies as well as studies of related areas such as motivation and well-being in psychology; and inflation, unemployment, taxation, and economic development in economics. It’s therefore a bit more generic in scope than JDM, JBDM, or Decision; but it does cover mainstream behavioral economics.

Importantly, the journal encourages replication studies. (Jon Baron once reminded me that JDM has a ‘section’ for ‘surprising replications’ [“We publish replications, so long as they have a compelling rationale, e.g., the original results were surprising.”]. In JOEP we definitely share Baron’s spirit in this).

In addition, along with studies of basic research and examinations of new phenomena, I see many of the studies in the journal as robustness tests of theoretical principles and foundations; and an examination of their “survival” in more complex naturally or artificially created environments; with the hope of shedding light on their boundary conditions.

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Kind regards,

Eldad Yechiam