Revisit: News from the Journal of Marketing | July 2019


Blast from the Past Editor Picks, Summer AMA, and JM Webinar

News from the Journal of Marketing – July 2019
Blast from the Past Editor Picks, Summer AMA, and JM Webinar

Blast from the Past: Editor Picks from 2017


Upcoming JM Events at Summer AMA:

  • Friday, August 9 (4:15-5:30 PM), Chicago H: This session will celebrate and discuss JM’s three award-winning best papers: Winners will present their papers and Mike Ahearne, Andrew Stephen, and Lisa Burgess Netflix’s Manager of Data Science & Engineering, will offer remarks and research directions.
  • Saturday, August 10 (7:30-9 AM), Chicago Ballroom D: Meet the Editor
  • Saturday, August 10 (10:45 AM-12:00 PM), Chicago Ballroom H: Writing an Outstanding Journal Review. Ajay K. Kohli, Christine Moorman, and Roland T. Rust will share insights on writing an outstanding review for any journal.
  • Saturday, August 10 (4:15-5:30 PM), Chicago Ballroom H: JM AE and ERB Meeting (reception to follow starting at 5:15 PM). By invitation only. Outstanding reviewer awards, discuss upcoming editorial, new initiatives, and recent metrics.

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Upcoming JM Webinar


  • August 7, 2019, 1:00-2:00PM (Eastern)
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“How to Drive Better Engagement from Sponsored Blogging” (Christian Hughes, University of Notre Dame and Vanitha Swaminathan, University of Pittsburgh)

  • Abstract: How can firms improve the effectiveness of influence marketing? Nearly 75% of marketers today use influencers to spread word of mouth (WOM) about their products and brands on social media. However, despite the explosion of these social influencers, their effectiveness is still low: For an influencer on Facebook, the average engagement rate per post is .37%; on Twitter, it is even lower at .05%. This presentation will offer insights on steps companies can take to increase the effectiveness of sponsored blogging campaigns.
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“Brand Coolness” (Caleb Warren, University of Arizona and Rajeev Batra, University of Michigan)

  • Abstract: Why are some brands cool and how can they keep it? Off-White, Apple, Instagram, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z have thrived partly because consumers think they are cool. Pabst Blue Ribbon became a hipster icon only to lose its luster. This presentation will offer insights on the key qualities of brand coolness and how it can be measured and managed by companies
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