TOC: J Con Behaviour


Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 18(4)


Children and “junk food” advertising: Critique of a recent Australian study
John R. Rossiter

Using advertising alignment to improve product placement effects on product choice: The power of facilitating analogies
Harper A. Roehm Jr, Michelle L. Roehm

Self–other differences in change predictions
Jingyi Lu, Xiaofei Xie

To whom and when to give: Effects of intimacy and obligation on expressive motives, gift choice, and information search in gift giving
Namin Kim, Sukho Kim

Human crowding and store messiness: Drivers of retail shopper confusion and behavioral intentions
Merve Coskun, Shipra Gupta, Sebnem Burnaz

Antecedents of consumers’ citizenship behaviour towards organic foods
Tao-Sheng Chiu, Jaime Ortiz, Wen-Hai Chih, Li-Chin Pang, Jiun-Jen Huang

Upward intergenerational influences on parents’ innovativeness and innovation adoption: A comparative study of single- and multiple-child families
Jianping Liang, Hongyan Jiang, June Cotte