TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 157(4)

The Development of Responsible and Sustainable Business Practice: Value, Mind-Sets, Business-Models
Mollie Painter, Sally Hibbert & Tim Cooper

Everything Flows: A Pragmatist Perspective of Trade-Offs and Value in Ethical Consumption
Alex Hiller & Tony Woodall

Leaving the Road to Abilene: A Pragmatic Approach to Addressing the Normative Paradox of Responsible Management Education
Dirk C. Moosmayer, Sandra Waddock, Long Wang, Matthias P. Hühn, Claus Dierksmeier & Christopher Gohl

Ethics and Behavioural Theory: How Do Professionals Assess Their Mental Models?
Frank Jan de Graaf

An Examination of Tensions in a Hybrid Collaboration: A Longitudinal Study of an Empty Homes Project
Alex Gillett, Kim Loader, Bob Doherty & Jonathan M. Scott

Stakeholder Theory Through the Lenses of Catholic Social Thought
Jose Luis Retolaza, Ricardo Aguado & Leire Alcaniz

The Ethics of Entrepreneurial Shared Value
Patricio Osorio-Vega

Experiences of Embedding Long-Term Thinking in an Environment of Short-Termism and Sub-par Business Performance: Investing in Intangibles for Sustainable Growth
Kosheek Sewchurran, Johan Dekker & Jennifer McDonogh

Balancing a Hybrid Business Model: The Search for Equilibrium at Cafédirect
Iain A. Davies & Bob Doherty

Going Beyond Climate Change Risk Management: Insights from the World’s Largest Most Sustainable Corporations
Evangeline O. Elijido-Ten & Peter Clarkson

Seriously Personal: The Reasons that Motivate Entrepreneurs to Address Climate Change
Katharina Kaesehage, Michael Leyshon, George Ferns & Catherine Leyshon

The Effect of Negative Message Framing on Green Consumption: An Investigation of the Role of Shame
Cesare Amatulli, Matteo De Angelis, Alessandro M. Peluso, Isabella Soscia & Gianluigi Guido

Sustainable Entrepreneurship: The Role of Perceived Barriers and Risk
Brigitte Hoogendoorn, Peter van der Zwan & Roy Thurik

Individual and Regional Christian Religion and the Consideration of Sustainable Criteria in Consumption and Investment Decisions: An Exploratory Econometric Analysis
Gunnar Gutsche