TOC: J Service Res


Journal of Service Research, 22(3)

When and Why a Squeakier Wheel Gets More Grease: The Influence of Cultural Values and Anger Intensity on Customer Compensation
Ella Glikson, Laura Rees, Jochen Wirtz, Shirli Kopelman, and Anat Rafaeli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Toxic Collaborations: Co-Destroying Value in the B2B Context
Francesca Cabiddu, Frau Moreno, and Lombardo Sebastiano [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sharing Goods? Yuck, No! An Investigation of Consumers’ Contamination Concerns About Access-Based Services
Simon Hazée, Yves Van Vaerenbergh, Cécile Delcourt, and Luk Warlop [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Paying Before or Paying After? Timing and Uncertainty in Pay-What-You-Want Pricing
Giampaolo Viglia, Marta Maras, Jan Schumann, and Daniel Navarro-Martinez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Emotion Cycles in Services: Emotional Contagion and Emotional Labor Effects
Xiao-Yu Liu, Nai-Wen Chi, and Dwayne D. Gremler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Perils of Service Contract Divestment: When and Why Customers Seek Revenge and How It Can Be Attenuated
Christina M. Haenel, Hauke A. Wetzel, and Maik Hammerschmidt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Balancing Frontliners’ Customer- and Coworker-Directed Behaviors When Serving Business Customers
Michel van der Borgh, Ad de Jong, and Edwin J. Nijssen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]