TOC: J Mar Analytics


Journal of Marketing Analytics, 7(2)


Data-driven decision making: implementing analytics to transform academic culture
Anjala S. Krishen & Maria Petrescu

Process control for monitoring customer engagement
Edward C. Malthouse, Wei-Lin Wang, Bobby J. Calder & Tom Collinger

The communication role of social media in social marketing: a study of the community sustainability knowledge dissemination on LinkedIn and Twitter
Lei Huang, Amelia Clarke, Natalie Heldsinger & Wen Tian

Loyalty management in durable consumer goods: trends in the influence of recommendation intention on repurchase intention by time after purchase
Takumi Kato

Review of a proposed methodology for bibliometric and visualization analyses for organizations: application to the collaboration economy
Myriam Ertz & Sébastien Leblanc-Proulx

A scale for testing of knowledge on the effective marketing research processes: multiple-group confirmatory (MGCFA) and multiple indicators-multiple causes (MIMIC) approach
Piotr Tarka

Book Review

New paths for marketing relevance: a review of marketing and humanity
Andrew M. Baker