TOC: J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 102

Special section on "From Starting Up to Sustained Growth: Challenges and Opportunities for Latin American Entrepreneurs” BALAS (Business Association for Latin American Studies) 2016 Annual Conference Special Issue"

Country and industry effects in corporate bond spreads in emerging markets
Urbi Garay, Maximiliano González, John Rosso

Extreme daily returns and the cross-section of expected returns: Evidence from Brazil
Luis Berggrun, Emilio Cardona, Edmundo Lizarzaburu

Determinants of knowledge of personal loans’ total costs: How price consciousness, financial literacy, purchase recency and frequency work together
Pablo Farías

Board structure and environmental, social, and governance disclosure in Latin America
Bryan W. Husted, José Milton de Sousa-Filho

Low-skilled labor markets as a constraint on business strategy choices: A theoretical approach
Sandra Idrovo Carlier, Rodrigo Costamagna, Pedro Mendi, Juan Manuel Parra

Norte o sul/sur? Multilatinas’ choice of developed versus developing countries for foreign acquisitions
Barclay E. James, Rajeev J. Sawant

Special section on "Evermore subjective and contingent luxury"

Evermore subjective and contingent luxury
Jean-Louis Chandon, Gilles Laurent, Pierre Valette-Florence

Luxury brand experiences and relationship quality for Millennials: The role of self-expansion
Gwarlann de Kerviler, Carlos M. Rodriguez

How does access to luxury fashion challenge self-identity? Exploring women’s practices of joint and non-ownership
Leïla Loussaïef, Isabelle Ulrich, Coralie Damay

How self-success drives luxury demand: An integrated model of luxury growth and country comparisons
Jean-Noël Kapferer, Pierre Valette-Florence

Luxury cars Made-in-China: Consequences for brand positioning
Boris Bartikowski, Fernando Fastoso, Heribert Gierl

The effect of cultural value orientation on consumers’ perceptions of luxury value and proclivity for luxury consumption
Anastasia Stathopoulou, George Balabanis

“From Prada to Nada”: Consumers and their luxury products: A contrast between second-hand and first-hand luxury products
Aurélie Kessous, Pierre Valette-Florence

NewLux Brand Relationship Scale: Capturing the scope of mass-consumed luxury brand relationships
Helena Nobre, Cláudia Simões

The dark side of salesperson brand identification in the luxury sector: When brand orientation generates management issues and negative customer perception
Michaela Merk, Géraldine Michel

Regular papers

Faster! More! Better! Drivers of upgrading among participants in extreme sports events
Francesco Raggiotto, Daniele Scarpi, Michela C. Mason

Timing and speed of internationalization: Evidence from African banks
Jean D. Kabongo, John O. Okpara

Performance feedback and problemistic search: The moderating effects of managerial and board outsiderness
Jaeho Choi, Mooweon Rhee, Young-Choon Kim

The trickle-down effect of responsible leadership on unethical pro-organizational behavior: The moderating role of leader-follower value congruence
Ken Cheng, Feng Wei, Yinghui Lin

Why is the grass greener on the other side? Decision modes and location choice by wind energy investors
Yuliya Blondiau, Emmanuelle Reuter

The impact of exporting on financial debt choices of SMEs
Elisabeth Maes, Nico Dewaelheyns, Catherine Fuss, Cynthia Van Hulle

How does dependence on key employees matter for initial public offerings of U.S. high-tech firms?
Kun Liu, Jonathan Arthurs

Estimating deception in consumer reviews based on extreme terms: Comparison analysis of open vs. closed hotel reservation platforms
Sangkil Moon, Moon-Yong Kim, Paul K. Bergey

European MNE subsidiaries’ embeddedness and innovation performance: Moderating role of external search depth and breadth
Ismail Gölgeci, Alberto Ferraris, Ahmad Arslan, Shlomo Y. Tarba

Applying complexity theory for modeling human resource outcomes: Antecedent configurations indicating perceived location autonomy and work environment choice
April J. Spivack, Arch G. Woodside

Building customer relationships while achieving sales performance results: Is listening the holy grail of sales?
Omar S. Itani, Emily A. Goad, Fernando Jaramillo

Combating the negative effects of showrooming: Successful salesperson tactics for converting showroomers into buyers
Martin Fassnacht, Sharon E. Beatty, Markus Szajna

A mixed methods UTAUT2-based approach to assess mobile health adoption
Paulo Duarte, José Carlos Pinho

How does inconsistent negative performance feedback affect the R&D investments of firms? A study of publicly listed firms
David Diwei Lv, Weihong Chen, Hang Zhu, Hailin Lan

The role of lead management systems in inside sales performance
Alhassan Ohiomah, Pavel Andreev, Morad Benyoucef, David Hood

Performance in family firm: Influences of socioemotional wealth and managerial capabilities
Poh Yen Ng, Mumin Dayan, Anthony Di Benedetto