TOC: J Brand Man


Journal of Brand Management, 26(4)

Free the brand: How a logo frame influences the potentiality of brand extensions
Yu-Shan Athena Chen & Lien-Ti Bei

How to successfully introduce logo redesigns
Michael F. Walsh, Annie Peng Cui & Deborah J. MacInnis

A cultural approach to brand equity: the role of brand mianzi and brand popularity in China
Raffaele Filieri, Zhibin Lin, Simona D’Antone & Elena Chatzopoulou

The implications of digital marketing on WeChat for luxury fashion brands in China
Sindy Liu, Patsy Perry & Gregory Gadzinski

International activities of football clubs, fan attitudes, and brand loyalty
Daniel Maderer & Dirk Holtbrügge

Contextualising social capital in online brand communities
Stephanie Meek, Madeleine Ogilvie, Claire Lambert & Maria M. Ryan

Employees as a second audience: the effect of external communication on internal brand management outcomes
Rico Piehler, Michael Schade & Christoph Burmann

Exploring brand governance in SMEs: does socialisation provide a means to value creation?
Michelle Renton & James E. Richard

Luxury brand dilution: investigating the impact of renting by Millennials on brand equity
Areti T. Vogel, Sasikarn Chatvijit Cook & Kittichai Watchravesringkan