Weitz, Winer and O?Dell award


The AMA Foundation seeks an endowment for this renamed award for a JMR article that has made a long-term contribution to marketing


The O’Dell award has a long standing history in the marketing discipline for its prestige; it is awarded annually to any article published in JMR more than five years after its date of publication to recognize the article that has made the most significant long-term contribution to marketing theory, methodology, and/or practice. Previous recipients can be found at https://www.ama.org/william-f-odell-award/

Although widely successful in communicating both prestige and honor, the O’Dell award was never permanently endowed, which means that the award is not guaranteed to remain in the discipline beyond its initial funding. Nearly thirty years later, the funds have dried up. Our goal is to permanently endow this prestigious award for the journal while also relabeling the award for two key luminaries who have made substantial contributions to JMR: Bart Weitz and Russ Winer.

Both individuals have served as JMR editor (twice in Russ’ case), and have made huge contributions to broadening the spectrum of published work and improving its visibility. Bart and Russ have also made enormous contributions to the AMA and the AMA foundation, as well as the discipline at large. Importantly, they embody the qualities of rigorous and relevant research, a fair and timely review process, discipline leadership, and personal accessibility for a wide range of networks and groups across the discipline.

For these reasons and more, we have each contributed $1000 to kick-start the endowment for this award and we invite you to participate with us to permanently endow and relabel this important award. Donations can be made at the following link:


and checks will also be accepted at the following address:

Payable to AMA regarding the Weitz, Winer, O’Dell award

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Christine Germino
American Marketing Association
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Thank you in advance for your support of this award and our discipline at large.

Please join us!

Sandy Jap (Emory University)
Tulin Erdem (NYU)
Kevin Lane Keller (Dartmouth)
Don Lehmann (Columbia)
Rich Lutz (University of Florida)
Leigh McAlister (UTexas at Austin)