Looking Back to Move Forward


Reviews and Analyses of Literature in Industrial Marketing, Special issue of Industrial Marketing Management; Deadline 1 Jun 2020


Call for Papers

Looking Back to Move Forward: Reviews and Analyses of Literature in Industrial Marketing

Deadline for submission: June 1, 2020

Industrial Marketing Management announces the call for papers for a special issue on reviews and analyses in industrial marketing

Overview and Purpose of the special issue

Building on existing knowledge is paramount for scientific advancement. Thus, it is paramount for scholars to understand what is already known, with what certainty, and what remains unexplained to make meaningful contributions to their fields (Cooper, 2016). However, every year hundreds of research papers are published reporting the results of studies on various phenomena related to industrial marketing, making it virtually impossible for scholars and practitioners to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the literature.

High-quality reviews of literature can help better link these numerous studies to the industrial marketing domain, resolve conflicting results in different studies, and present several interesting avenues for future research endeavors.

To that end, Lindgreen and Di Benedetto (2018) call for “actionable, high impact reviews of key business-to-business marketing topics” (p.3) and encourage special issues “on integrative literature reviews.”

Therefore, we would like to propose a “literature review” special issue for the Industrial Marketing Management which will feature studies that focus on generalizations in industrial marketing phenomena.

Articles in this special issue will a) provide an overview or synthesis of extant on a topic of interest to the audience of the Industrial Marketing Management, and b) identify important lacunas in the literature, and c) highlight managerially relevant findings in addition to research contributions.

This special issue is intended to be a guide for future research on business-to-business marketing as well as a compendium of what is already known on topics important for the IMM audience. Lindgreen and Di Benedetto (2018) cite “sustainability,…. data security and protection, food security and safety, block chain and machine learning, big data and data analytics, Internet of Things and ethical implications, other emerging technologies, online privacy, and industrial ecology and symbiosis” (p.3) as topics suggested by the Editorial Board Members of the IMM and list the following as promising areas of research:

  • New technology and business-to-business marketing
  • Emergent research techniques (e.g., fsQCA)
  • The use of company intranets in supporting business-to-business marketing
  • Supply chain partners (e.g., using surveys to gather information from partners)
  • Risk management and risk analysis methodologies
  • Corporate intelligence and competitive intelligence
  • Corporate responsibility as it applies to sustainability
  • Stakeholder view of business-to-business marketing issues
  • Failure case studies
  • Greenwashing

We encourage authors submit their reviews on the topics listed above. Lindgreen and Di Benedetto (2018) also call for “actionable, high impact reviews of key business-to-business topics.” Therefore, in this special issue, we also invite high quality review articles on topics including, but not limited to, marketing and operations interface, managing supply chains, role of ethics in B2B marketing, B2B branding etc.

The special issue will be open to various review methods including, but not limited to, meta-analyses, systematic reviews, and bibliometric analyses. Some examples for such reviews include:

Hair, J. F., Sarstedt, M., Ringle, C. M., & Mena, J. A. (2012), “An assessment of the use of partial least squares structural equation modeling in marketing research”, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 40(3): 414-433.

Kirca, A.H., Hult, G.T.M., Roth, K., Cavusgil, S.T., Perryy, M.Z., Akdeniz, M.B., Deligonul, S.Z., Mena, J.A., Pollitte, W.A., Hoppner, J.J. and Miller, J.C. (2011), “Firm-specific assets, multinationality, and financial performance: A meta-analytic review and theoretical integration”, Academy of Management Journal 54(1): 47-72.

Kouropalatis, Y., Giudici, A., & Acar, O. A. (2018), “Business capabilities for industrial firms: A bibliometric analysis of research diffusion and impact within and beyond Industrial Marketing Management”, Industrial Marketing Management (in press).

Luoto, S., Brax, S. A., & Kohtamäki, M. (2017), “Critical meta-analysis of servitization research: Constructing a model-narrative to reveal paradigmatic assumptions”, Industrial Marketing Management 60(January): 89-100.

Randhawa, K., Wilden, R., & Hohberger, J. (2016), “A bibliometric review of open innovation: Setting a research agenda”, Journal of Product Innovation Management 33(6): 750-772.

White, K., Habib, R., & Hardisty, D. J. (2019), “How to SHIFT Consumer Behaviors to be More Sustainable: A Literature Review and Guiding Framework”, Journal of Marketing 83(3): 22-49.

Zhang, W., & Banerji, S. (2017), “Challenges of servitization: A systematic literature review”, Industrial Marketing Management 65(August): 217-227.

Preparation and submission of paper and review process

Papers submitted must not have been published, accepted for publication, or presently be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Submissions should be about 6,000-8,000 words in length. Copies should be uploaded on Industrial Marketing Management’s homepage through the EVISE system. You need to upload your paper using the dropdown box for the special issue on reviews and analyses in industrial marketing. For guidelines, visit


Papers not complying with the notes for contributors (cf. homepage) or poorly written will be desk rejected. Suitable papers will be subjected to a double-blind review; hence, authors must not identify themselves in the body of their paper. (Please do not submit a Word file with “track changes” active or a PDF file.)

Please address all questions to the guest editor(s):

M. Billur Akdeniz
Associate Professor
Department of Marketing
Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824
Phone: 603.862.0751
Email: billur.akdeniz@unh.edu

M. Berk Talay
Associate Professor
Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation
Manning School of Business
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Lowell, MA 01854
Phone: 978.934.2810
Email: berk_talay@uml.edu

Ahmet H. Kirca
Associate Professor
Department of Marketing
The Eli Broad School of Business
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: 517.432.6392
Email: kirca@broad.msu.edu


Cooper, H. (2015). Research Synthesis and Meta-Analysis: A Step-by-Step Approach (Vol. 2): Sage Publications, Thousand Oak, CA.

Lindgreen, A., & Benedetto, A. D. (2018), “Continuous improvement at Industrial Marketing Management: Suggestions from the Editorial Review Board.” Industrial Marketing Management, 71(May), 1-4.