TOC: J Personal Selling Sales Man


Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 39(2)

Moving beyond ethical decision-making: a practice-based view to study unethical sales behavior
Irfan Ameer & Aino Halinen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sales manager cost control engagement: antecedents and performance implications
Jenifer Skiba, Amit Saini & Scott B. Friend [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Salesperson time perspectives and customer willingness to pay more: roles of intraorganizational employee navigation, customer satisfaction, and firm innovation climate
Raj Agnihotri, Zhiyong Yang & Elten Briggs [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

I need to be your only friend: the effect of salesperson network centrality on opportunistic behavior
Diane Kang, Sungmin Ryu & Seung-Hyun Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A taxonomy for financial services selling
Joie S. Hain, Brian N. Rutherford & Joe F. Hair Jr. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Personal Selling and Sales Management Abstracts
Dawn R. Deeter-Schmelz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]