TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 157(2)

Editorial Essay

Advances in Employee-Focused Micro-Level Research on Corporate Social Responsibility: Situating New Contributions Within the Current State of the Literature
David A. Jones, Alexander Newman, Ruodan Shao & Fang Lee Cooke

Bolstering Managers’ Resistance to Temptation via the Firm’s Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility
Cathy A. Beaudoin, Anna M. Cianci, Sean T. Hannah & George T. Tsakumis

“It’s Like Hating Puppies!” Employee Disengagement and Corporate Social Responsibility
Kelsy Hejjas, Graham Miller & Caroline Scarles

Scrooge Posing as Mother Teresa: How Hypocritical Social Responsibility Strategies Hurt Employees and Firms
Sabrina Scheidler, Laura Marie Edinger-Schons, Jelena Spanjol & Jan Wieseke

Frontline Employees as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Ambassadors: A Quasi-Field Experiment
Laura Marie Edinger-Schons, Lars Lengler-Graiff, Sabrina Scheidler & Jan Wieseke

Do Contracts Make Them Care? The Impact of CEO Compensation Design on Corporate Social Performance
Jean McGuire, Jana Oehmichen, Michael Wolff & Roman Hilgers

CEO Ability and Corporate Social Responsibility
Yuan Yuan, Gaoliang Tian, Louise Yi Lu & Yangxin Yu

What Makes CSR Communication Lead to CSR Participation? Testing the Mediating Effects of CSR Associations, CSR Credibility, and Organization–Public Relationships
Sun Young Lee, Weiwu Zhang & Alan Abitbol

Let Me Make It Up to You: Understanding the Mitigative Ability of Corporate Social Responsibility Following Product Recalls
David Noack, Douglas R. Miller & Dustin Smith

Comprehensive Board Diversity and Quality of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure: Evidence from an Emerging Market
Nooraisah Katmon, Zam Zuriyati Mohamad, Norlia Mat Norwani & Omar Al Farooque

The Advocate’s Own Challenges to Behave in a Sustainable Way: An Institutional Analysis of Advocacy NGOs
Mieneke Koster, Ana Simaens & Bart Vos

CSR by Any Other Name? The Differential Impact of Substantive and Symbolic CSR Attributions on Employee Outcomes
Magda B. L. Donia, Sigalit Ronen, Carol-Ann Tetrault Sirsly & Silvia Bonaccio

How Does Corporate Social Responsibility Engagement Influence Word of Mouth on Twitter? Evidence from the Airline Industry
Tam Thien Vo, Xinning Xiao & Shuk Ying Ho

Every Little Helps? ESG News and Stock Market Reaction
Gunther Capelle-Blancard & Aurélien Petit

Exploring the Nexus Between Human Capital, Corporate Governance and Performance: Evidence from Islamic Banks
Tasawar Nawaz