TOC: J Con Affairs


Journal of Consumer Affairs, 53(2)

Toward Financial Capability—Empowering the Young
Laura Luukkanen, Outi Uusitalo

Financial Decisions and Financial Capabilities in the Andean Region
María José Roa, Ignacio Garrón, Jonathan Barboza

Understanding the Racial/Ethnic Gap in Bank Account Ownership among Older Adults
Luisa R. Blanco, Marco Angrisani, Emma Aguila, Mei Leng

The Effects of Airline Mergers on Consumers’ Perceptions of Services and Behavioral Responses
Peter Andersen, Fei L. Weisstein

Exploring the Interplay of Cognitive Style and Demographics in Consumers’ Financial Knowledge
Genevieve E. O’Connor

Mindfulness, Money Attitudes, and Credit
Maria C. Pereira, Filipe Coelho

Financial Literacy and Self-Employment
Aida Cumurovic, Walter Hyll

Personality and Saving Behavior Among Older Adults
Sarah D. Asebedo, Melissa J. Wilmarth, Martin C. Seay, Kristy Archuleta, Gary L. Brase, Maurice MacDonald

Are Ex-Ante Hypothetical Bias Calibration Methods Context Dependent? Evidence from Online Food Shoppers in China
Wen Lin, David L. Ortega, Vincenzina Caputo

Vaping Viewpoints: A Multi-Segment Understanding of E-Cigarette Risk Perceptions
Justine Rapp Farrell, Anne M. Hamby

Racial Differences in the Returns to Financial Literacy Education
Abdullah Al-Bahrani, Jamie Weathers, Darshak Patel

Consumer Bankruptcy Stigma: Understanding Relationships with Familiarity and Perceived Control
Alycia Chin, Taya R. Cohen, Mark R. Lindblad

“Four Bright Coins Shining at Me”: Financial Education in Childhood, Financial Confidence in Adulthood
Dario Sansone, Mariacristina Rossi, Elsa Fornero

Trends and Applications

The Consumer Costs of Food Certification: A Pilot Study and Research Opportunities
David P. Carter, Adrienne Cachelin

Identifying Non-Adopter Consumer Segments: An Empirical Study on Earthquake Insurance Adoption in Turkey
Feray Adigüzel, Mirella Kleijnen, B. Burçak Basbug Erkan, Ceylan Talu Yozgatligil