TOC: Intl J Retail Dist Man


International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 47(5)

Technology adoption for the integration of online–offline purchasing
Marco Savastano, Francesco Bellini, Fabrizio D’Ascenzo, and Marco De Marco

Fulfilment time performance of online retailers – an empirical analysis
Jingran Zhang, Sevilay Onal, Rohit Das, Amanda Helminsky, and Sanchoy Das

Understanding consumer motivations in online social brand engagement participation
Kofi Osei-Frimpong

Management of traditional retail markets in the UK: comparative case studies
Dong Hoang, Cathy Barnes, and Olga Munroe

Shifting consumers into gear: car sharing services in urban areas
Marc Prieto, Valentina Stan, George Baltas, and Stephanie Lawson

Emerging from my youth – intra-cohort segmentation
Robin Pentecost, Suné Donoghue, and Park Thaichon